Tamarind Chicken

Tamarind Chicken

November 4, 2018 Main DishesRecipes 0


2 Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken leg quarters

3-4 Potatoes cut in wedges

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Onion, finely diced

1/2 Tsp Ginger, grated

1/2 Tbsp Garlic, grated

1/2 Cup Tamarind Paste or syrup

1/4 Cup Honey

1/4 Cup Orange Juice

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

Zest & juice of 1 Lime

1/4 tsp Cayenne Powder

Salt & Pepper, to taste


  1. – Heat oil in a small sauce pan

  2. – Add the diced onion and cook until they soften and start to brown

  3. – Stir in the grate ginger and garlic and cook for another minute, until frgrant.

  4. – Add the tamarind paste, honey, orange juice, soy sauce, lemon zest and juice along with the cayenne powder and bring the sauce to a gentle boil while stirring.

  5. – Let the sauce reduce and thicken to a syrupy consistency then turn off the heat.

  6. – In the meantime score your chicken leg quarters to the bone and season well with salt and pepper to taste.

  7. – Preheat oven to 220c. – Brush the chicken well with the tamarind sauce on both sides, reserving some sauce for basting later.

  8. – Place in an oven proof dish/sheet pan and roast for 30-40 mins until cooked all the way through. Baste the chicken with extra tamarind sauce.

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