Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil of lianolia variety from Corfu Island 500ml


Health facts

Vitamin E is fat-soluble organic compound. A number of compounds with similar functionality as vitamin E have been discovered, they are called tocopherols and they are distinguished with the letters of the Greek alphabet α, β, γ, δ, ε, ζ and η. The most important is α – tocopherol. Vitamin E has anti-tumor effects (Brest cancer) and is inhibitory to chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cataract, diabetes, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease). Vitamin E is administered as a therapy in cases of frequent miscarriages (hence “tocopherol”) as well in cases of muscular dystrophy with remarkable results. Some studies proved that vitamin E can help prolonging the life, since it slows down the destruction of biological membranes. An olive oil with high tocopherol content has high level of protection and therefore durability, while at the same time it’s consumption protects human cells from oxidant stress.

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With the term  (paliola) in corfiot dialect, we are referring to the great centenarian olive tree.

Our variety is Lianolia of Corfu, one of the most ancient worldwide, perfect for the microclimate of our area. The harvesting and oil extraction, when applied according to the appropriate methods and care, leads to a magnificent result.

Weight 1120 g

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