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SMOKED Carolina Reaper (Capsicum Chinense).
Carolina Reaper pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world with an average heat level of 1,400,000SHU. The Carolina Reaper has a fruity flavor, unique wrinkly, and pitted surface, The Carolina Reaper has a shape similar to the peppers in the Trinidad scorpion family. The Carolina reaper peppers are long season peppers like many of the other super hot peppers.

All About the Carolina Reaper Pepper

You won’t find a pepper more extreme than the Carolina Reaper pepper.  It became the official hottest pepper in the world in 2013.  Although a couple of potential peppers have risen to challenge that official title, they haven’t lasted or been proven to be hotter than the reaper which averages 1,641,000 Scoville Heat Units with some pepper measuring as high as 2,200,000 SHUs.  Scoville Heat Units are accepted across the board as the way to measure heat for chili peppers.

What does the Reaper look like?

Originally, Carolina Reaper peppers were red and that is still the most common color today.  However, there are some other ones like the chocolate, peach, and yellow reapers.  Of course, the red peppers start out as green and then turn orange before ripening to their deep red hue.  As it goes through the ripening process, the flavor and heat of the pepper increases.  Picking a pepper before it turns red will give you a milder, less pungent pepper.

The shape and texture of this chili is similar to the Ghost and red Habanero peppers.  The exterior of the pepper is bumpy and filled with little grooves.  The most distinctive physical feature of this pepper is the “scorpion tail” that looks similar to a scorpion’s stinger.

Ways to Use Carolina Reaper Peppers

When you bite into a reaper, you’ll taste the sweet, fruity flavor before you realize the spicy hotness.  Some have described it as having a hint of chocolate or cinnamon.  Once the fruity flavor is gone though, you’ll begin feeling the intense burning of the hottest pepper in the world.  How do you use something this hot?  Using these hot peppers to make hot sauces is one of the most common uses of the Carolina Reaper.  Those who can handle the full heat cook with whole peppers.  Others use pepper flakes for dry rubs on meats.  Just remember to go easy if you are new to hot peppers.  You’ll build up a tolerance for the heat the more you consume them.  Also, remember to wear gloves when you are handling or cutting up the Carolina Reaper peppers. The oil can make your hands burn and you can spread the heat to other parts of the body.

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