Organic Fresh Pink Peony Bud Blooming Flower Tea


Peony Tea is known to aid in calming the liver, helping energize it. may help promote blood circulation, as well as improve blood nourishment. It may also help lower blood pressure.May help alleviate menstrual disorders like heavy bleeding and pain, Peony Tea may help in the treatment of headaches, dizziness. loose rose bud tea also include its ability to clear toxic waste from the bladder and kidneys and therefore reduces the risk of urinary tract infections. Drinking rose tea can also prevent blockages that can be caused by kidney stones.Finally, drinking rose flower herbal tea is a great way to relax after a busy day at office, as it can calm the central nervous system, reducing the chance of depression and anxiety. Dried rose tea can also benefit victims of chronic fatigue, insomnia and nervousness when drinking one or two cups per day.

First, pour boiling water over a few grams of peony buds. Strain the peony buds and pour away the water. You could consider this step as “waking the peony buds up” or wash the flower buds.

Then, pour the water over the buds again and wait for 3-5mins. Then strain the peony buds, add a little honey to taste and enjoy.

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Organic Fresh Pink Peony Bud Blooming Flower Tea

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