Ceylon Cinnamon


CEYLON CINNAMON IN POWDER …… a natural product for those who have sugar

Cinnamon is known to all of us for its wonderful smell and taste. What we may not know is its astonishing therapeutic qualities. Research has shown that cinnamon has antiseptic, digestive, tonic and haemostatic action. Also, it also has anti-aging properties, particularly necessary for beauty

Experts have discovered that cinnamon can be particularly helpful in the metabolic processes of people who have “sugar”, ie sufferers of type 2 diabetes, as:

Cinnamon can increase glucose metabolism, which better regulates the “sugar” in the blood.

It has been found to have properties that mimic the effect of insulin and its active ingredient is studied to use insulin replacement.

It reduces the feeling of hunger and helps in the sudden rise in blood sugar that occurs after a meal while increasing the efficiency or sensitivity of insulin.

Enhances antioxidant defense.

Bioflavonoids containing cinnamon can alter the signal transduction activity of insulin bound to the adipocytes.

At the same time, experts have discovered that cinnamon has other beneficial properties such as:

Helps digestion work

Reduces inflammation and pain

Reduces the symptoms of arthritis

Helps prevent urinary tract infections

Reduces the symptoms of menstrual pain

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