Payments & Shipping


Payments can be fulfilled only through the use of credit or debit card of the following types (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO). The full order’s value is credited to the buyer’s credit or debit card during the completion of the payment procedure. The transaction takes place in the secure digital environment of the Bank of Piraeus. SWEETnSPICY – Saoumaa Katerina does not save or collect information concerning the buyer’s credit or debit card. In case you are not an owner of the above mentioned cards you can contact us in order to arrange a direct bank transfer.

For purchases made from Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece the Pay at Store option is also available.

SHIPPING ships goods in all over the world

Shipping cost is automatically calculated prior to submitting your payment information.

Shipping Rules

Country Weight incl. packaging Cost
 Greece  0 – 1000gr 2.60€
 Greece >1001gr 2.60€ +0.50€ per 500gr
 All Zones 0-500gr  8.50€ | 11.00€ with tracking
All Zones 501gr-1000gr 13.00€ | 15.50€ with tracking
 Zone 1 – Zone 2 – Zone 3  1001gr – 2000gr 23.50€
 Zone 4  1001gr – 2000gr 23.50€ | 26.00€ with tracking
 Zone 5  1001gr – 2000gr 17.50€ with tracking
 Zone 6  1001gr – 2000gr 23.50€ | 25.50€ with tracking
Zone 1 – Zone 3  1000gr – 3000gr 27,00€ with tracking
Zone 2 1000gr – 3000gr 25,00€ with tracking
 Zone 4  2001gr – 20000gr 34,00€ + 5,50€ per 1000gr with tracking
Zone 5 2001gr – 20000gr 22,00€ + 4,50€ per 1000gr with tracking
Zone 6 2001gr – 20000gr 44,00€ + 8.00€ per 1000gr with tracking
Zone 1  3001gr – 7000gr  30.00€ with tracking
Zone 2  3001gr – 7000gr  25.00€ with tracking
 Zone 3  3001gr – 7000gr 42.00€ with tracking
 Zone 1 7001gr-15000gr 36.00€ with tracking
 Zone 2 7001gr-15000gr 31.00€ with tracking
 Zone 3 7001gr-15000gr 47.00€ with tracking

Packaging Weights

  • up to 1000gr of products ~ 100gr
  • up to 2000gr of products ~ 200gr
  • over 2000gr of products ~ 500gr

Zone 1 Countries: Austria,  Hungary

Zone 2 Countries: Germany

Zone 3 Countries: Belgium, France, Denmark, UK,  Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Luxebourg, 

Zone 4 Countries: Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Esthonia, Malta, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania

Zone 5 Countries: Cyprus, Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, ROmania, Turkey

Zone 6 Countries: Rest of the world


Tracking is highly recommended without tracking Sweet ‘N Spicy is not responsible for any parcels getting lost.

Local Pickup is available only for purchases made from Corfu, Ionian Islands, Greece

For wholesale prices please contact us at