“It was meant to be…”

January 5, 2017 Testimonials 0

After reading reviews on TA, I really hoped I would find this shop on an evening excursion to Corfu town. On a very very wet evening our coach dropped me and my husband off, having no real idea of where we were heading or realising that the streets were so compact with various alleyways and side streets, we were soaked to the skin wandering aimlessly. I doubted I would find it, however it was obviously meant to be and I was very pleased to just stumble upon it. The lovely owner was busy making a fresh batch on Himalayan Lemon Salt and she happily talked with true passion about her herbs and spices. I bought some Lemon Salt, Bbq rub and some smoked sea salt. AMAZING. I hope that the shop manages to set up an e store as I will gladly purchase more. I’ve used the lemon salt and bbq rub since my return home and I plan on sharing my stash with my work colleagues once I find some little storage tubs. Thank you.

– Gillybt, Carlisle, United Kingdom –

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