Bourdeto Corfu fish recipe

Bourdeto Corfu fish recipe

May 25, 2017 Main DishesRecipes 0

Bourdeto is a famous spicy fish dish in Corfu Greece. made with any types of fish but mostly known for scorpion fish. Cooked in a spicy tomato sauce.

1/2 kilo chopped onions

1 cup olive oil ( or 1/2 cup for lighter version)

1/2 kg of fresh grated ripe tomatoes

1 tbls bourdeto seasoning mix

1 kg of fresh fish

salt to taste if needed.


Fry onions in a pan with the olive oil , add the bourdeto spice and the tomatoes. Let the sauce boil for about 15 minutes. Taste you sauce and add more salt if you wish. Lower heat and add the fish and simmer for about 30 minutes, until the oil separates from the sauce. Do not stir the pan, only shake it in a circle. Otherwise the fish will break into pieces. Sprinkle with some chopped parsley and serve.

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