All of our mixed blends are made with no added perservatives, colours or artificial flavors. The blends which have added salt or made with Himalayan pink salt.


Fadia Katerina’s Recipes

Easy Chicken Korma
Chunky Chicken soup
Giouvetsi Greek beef and orzo pasta
Authentic Lebanese Hummus
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Real TripAdvisor Reviews

``Perfect - Wished I could go there all the time``

- MomBarbara, Texas -

The most helpful business!!!! The owner was very helpful, even gave us a town map.

“Great personality, homemade spices, teas, oils...etc ”

- Liz K, Tel Aviv -

Former Montrealer with a passion for locally sourced spices and lots more.

“Wonderful little shop in Corfu”

- BacTravel, New York -

Katerina (owner) is wonderful! We went to this shop as one of the stops on our food and walking tour...

“Smells wonderful”

- Carol C, Leeds -

What an amazing shop. Sells every type of herbs and spices you could every want in your entire life.

“Wonderful Little Find!”

- Lilly H, London -

The couple that own this little spice shop are passionate, interesting and full of spicy and local knowledge.

“Greaaaat positive energy!”

- JorgeY23, Burgas -

I have never imagined that I would write a review for a spice shop but what a great ship that is!

“It was meant to be...”

- Gillybt, Carlisle, UK -

After reading reviews on TA, I really hoped I would find this shop on an evening excursion to Corfu town.

“A step into a different time”

- gxmccull, Saudi Arabia -

For a foody we get used on our travels of missing some of our favourite spices, herbs and tea's.

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